Amethyst Tumbles
Amethyst Tumbles

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Amethyst Tumbles

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Amethyst is an ideal crystal for protection, purification and divine connection 🙏

Anyone struggling with addictions and/or addictive behaviour Amethyst is the stone for you and actually translates to 'Not Drunken' in Greek

Perfect to assist during meditation or if you just wanna tune into a more spiritual vibration. 

Linked to the Crown and third eye chakra, this must have crystal helps clear negativity in your life and promotes balance and peace ✌️

Known to combat insomnia, it also protects against nightmares - keep a piece under your pillow at night to encourage all the good feels and a restful sleep! For those mamas with fretful or unsettled bubbas and children a piece kept in their bedroom (out of reach) can help sooth and calm them down #winning 😊

Tumble stones are like little best friends ya can carry with you where ever you go, hold them tight, pop them in your bra or handbag and know they always got your back, supporting you in everything you do ❤️

Tumbles are intuitively handpicked especially for you 😘