Artemis (Black Stain)
Artemis (Black Stain)
Artemis (Black Stain)
Artemis (Black Stain)

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Artemis (Black Stain)

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Artemis - Goddess of the hunt, wilderness and animals, she is also associated with the moon, I felt this mountain style shelf suited her ✨

A beautiful addition to your altar or sacred space, ✨ Featuring 9 hooks to hang your jewellery from and beautiful Moonphase in silver. This shelf is stained and vanished in a black stain, give that witchy feels.

This baby measures:

Height 42cm Length 76cm and shelves are 6.5cm Depth. The biggest shelf I've made to date 🌙

Please note that all my shelving is Handmade by me I pour my heart and soul into every thing I create but minor imperfections do come with this process however all shelving is up to Pure Love standard 💜

Comes ready to hang, Includes fitting on back and added 3m velcro wall attachments that help with weight bearing and holding in place on your wall.

Please also note the different options:

Ready to ship are just that they are made and ready to go, there is also an option to preorder, Turn a round time will differ but 2-3 weeks will be the absolute max.

Any questions send me a message on my socials or flick me an email.