Moonstone Tumbles
Moonstone Tumbles
Moonstone Tumbles

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Moonstone Tumbles

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If there ever was a crystal to invoke the divine feminine energy within then Moonstone is where its at! Connected to the moon just as we cyclic woman are, wear or hold onto this beauty to harness your own true power and tune deeply into your intuition.

A stone of new beginnings she promotes inner growth, transformation and strength.

The ultimate stone for fertility (especially when worn during a full moon) very protective during pregnancy and childbirth too! A must have for mamas to be 🤰❤️

Tumble stones are like little best friends ya can carry with you where ever you go, hold them tight, pop them in your bra or handbag and know they always got your back, supporting you in everything you do ❤️

Tumbles are intuitively handpicked especially for you 😘