Red Jasper Tumbles
Red Jasper Tumbles

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Red Jasper Tumbles

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Daring, delicate and the dreamiest shade of fire red, Red Jasper is one of those stones that screams energy right down to its very core. Beautifully aligned with the root chakra, Red Jasper comes with incredible grounding properties, inviting you to keep one foot firmly on the floor no matter how high you are flying. It’s a stone that brings balance, stamina, courage, and the inner strength of a warrior. It’s lush, it's deep, and it's utterly nurturing for the soul.

Known as the supreme nurturer, it’s no surprise that this is one of those healing crystals you turn to in times of needing warm comfort. 

All weigh approx 20-30gm. Your piece will be intuitively selected for you from available stock💕